Truck Dock Canopies

Throughout the years we recognized a need for a complete truck dock canopy system. Most of our clients did not want to deal with multiple suppliers/subcontractors to achieve an architecturally pleasing and functional canopy system that would minimize snow and rain infiltration into their shipping and receiving docks. We developed an "in-house" design for a complete truck dock canopy system. We include all shop drawings, engineering, framing, soffit panels, standing seam, trim, and accessories as a package.

All truck dock canopy systems do not exceed 3'-11" in projection to eliminate the need for fire protection.

Please note we can provide and install our systems or simply provide the pricing for materials only.

We are proud to offer our 'DC' (dock canopy) and 'DCR' (dock canopy with reveal) series systems!


Our 'DC' series canopy system is the most popular choice in our line up. All materials for a complete system are supplied. We use only cold rolled G-90 galvanized metal for our framing components. Our paint finishes are premium 'Kynar' type and include a 20 year finish warranty. Standard size would be 3'-10" projection by 4'-0" height.


Numerous architects and owners we have worked with were looking for a more architecturally pleasing appearance to compliment their facilities. We achieved this by revising our framing system and extending the sheathing. Standard size is 3'-10" projection by 5' height.


Often times we are working on projects providing and installing our typical truck canopy systems. The clients may wish to select a single source to handle various outbuilding style canopies and want the finishes (color) and profile to match. We can provide the light gauge trusses, meta deck and subsequent soffit/sheathing for a variety of nonstandard canopy systems.

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